eProd | Management Solutions for Agribusinesses
14 Oct 2016

Users of E-Prod are ambitious SMEs, member-based organizations processors that

  • operate currently without a management system and need to automate their operations
  • want to solid foundation to scale up their operations sustainably
  • provide directly or indirectly finance to their suppliers and require to manage loan products
  • need to manage their suppliers and other – traceable – value addition steps throughout the value chain
  • need to improve communication with their farmers/ suppliers (one- or two-way SMS, email, reports)
  • implement training programs
  • account to (donor funded) partners
13 Oct 2016


Many financial institutions have been introduced to E-Prod and use the system for screening of recommendations, i.e. credit rating/screening. Past data from multiple modules can be used to rfaatrem fearrsm foerr sl.o Iann kind (input packages) can be managed through voucher systems.READ MORE

08 Oct 2016

Advantages of E-Prod

• All new developments are free available through internet uploads, supported manuals, webpage and newsletters. by well documented
• rAellp poartciknagg, eest cw.ill fully support all features, i.e. cloud back-up, SMS and email integration, mobile payments,
• Data is owned 100% and at all times by the client.
• cCluiesntotsm, iinza wtiohnicsh a craes feo mr farerkee, tu rnalteesss ftohre cyo adrien gto woi lcl laiepnptl ys.pecific or not allowed to be shared with other
• Dutch technology standard
• Attractive pricing
• E-Prod enables Inclusive Business.
• Professional After Sale Service
• Backup Support
• Free Data Base Health Checks