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04 Feb 2019

Meet and Greet Us

eProd Solutions Ltd will participate in the 3rd Edition of the Harvest Money Expo taking place from 14 – 17 February 2019 at the Mandela Stadium.

Please meet and greet us at the Dutch Pavilion and learn more about some of the latest eProd features:

  1. Milk Quality Based Payment
  2. Farmer Registration on the Mobile App
  3. Field Registration and Standard Implementation
  4. Flexible Payment Systems (mobile money, bank transfer, cash)
  5. Stock Module for integration of brokers and agents into the supply chain

If you wish to book an appointment with us, kindly reach us through edwin@eprod-solutions.com. We look forward to meeting you!

05 Sep 2018

eProd is reaching out to new countries

eProd Solutions are reaching out to new countries. It has started its activities in Ethiopia in both Amharic and Tigranya areas. In September 2018, it will start with its first new client in Ghana and add another value chain to the wide range existing already: Cocoa!

05 Sep 2018

East Africa Trade and Investment Hub Post Harvest Competition

eProd Solutions Limited is excited to be one of the finalists of the East Africa Trade and Investment Hub Post Harvest Competition (EAPTC2017).

EAPTC2017 attracted more than 200 innovators from East Africa who showcased technological solutions for improving nutrition and food security in Africa by reducing food loss and waste. Poor postharvest practices currently result in the loss of 60 percent of all food that is produced in Africa. The top three innovators from the 2017 competition split $30,000 in seed capital to scale up and disseminate their technologies for the reduction of postharvest food losses. Following a post-competition analysis, the USAID Hub wanted to do even more to ensure that the participating innovators had every opportunity to have transformational impact.

The BDS program was therefore coined with training and mentorship needs informed by an assessment that was carried out on each of the finalists to identify areas in which the enterprises could scale up their businesses.

For more information, click here.

05 Sep 2018

2018 Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Conference & Exhibition

On Thursday, 6th September 2018, our Managing Director, Almut Van Casteren will be participating in a panel discussion at the Fruits and Vegetables Conference held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies. The theme of the conference is ‘Enhancing Market Access Through Competitiveness, Food Safety & Plant Health for Fruits Vegetables and Herbs’. The event has been organized by the Fresh Produce Exporter association of Kenya (FPEAK) in conjunction with the Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPC).

Almut will be one of the panelists of Panel 3 (ICT solutions for horticulture). Please click here for more information.

05 Jan 2018

aWhere Pilot Project

eProd Solutions Limited would like to invite you to participate in the pilot of the aWhere project (Phase I).

In the month of April 2017, eProd Solutions Limited entered into a strategic partnership with aWhere, a global agricultural intelligence company that collects weather data from satellites and local ground based weather stations. The initial phase of this project will make it possible for field officers and farmers to receive individualized weather forecasts data on their mobile phones.

We would like you to be part of this pilot inorder to determine whether this new eProd component will be beneficial to your farmers and lastly whether the localized weather information sent to you is valid.

If you are interested in participating in this pilot, kindly send your GEO coordinates to  kelvin@eprod-solutions.com and be part of the new agribusiness revolution taking place in the East Africa.

05 Jan 2018

Do you buy through brokers?

Hate them or love them: the broker in the agricultural value chain is there to stay. eProd has developed a new module to manage middle-men in the agricultural value chain. You can now include brokers (please, let us call them agents from now on…) in your operations and keep records of their expenses and stocks built up. You don’t have to lose product traceability anymore simply because you buy (part of) your produce through local middle-men! You can manage outstanding loan balances and payments by the mobile application user. How does it work? Some examples:

You want to keep records of (petty) cash kept by the agent using the mobile application. The cash can be used for many different transactions, e.g. petty cash field expenses, giving out cash loans, paying cash for produce, etc. The user of the app can also receive cash, e.g. from the company, repayments of loans, sale of inputs against cash etc. There can be more than one (petty) cash accounts simultaneously. For example, one can use the same to keep track of the mobile payment account linked to a certain mobile phone. A user of the app is now able to keep track of cash and mobile payment balance.

Accounts are linked to a specific product. For the petty cash accounts mentioned above the product is cash. If multiple currencies are used, multiple accounts can be created. If the product is an input then this is reflected in the stocks. An example, an agent as issued 300 50 kg bags of a DAP fertilizer. A transaction of 15,000 kg will be created. So a product has a unit (e.g. KG) and a quantity per unit. Any product can be used, it is not restricted to agriculture by the way. It’s a matter of creating an account for it. It basically functions as a stock card.READ MORE

05 Jan 2018

eProd Learning Management System

We are happy to announce that we have made a start with the development of an eProd Learning Management System, or LMS. This software application will administer, document, track, report and deliver educational courses or training programs for eProd users. It will help the eProd training team to cost-effectively deliver material to the eProd users, administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping. The LMS will be a hybrid of online learning delivery blended with on- and offsite training and back-office support. You will train yourself at your own convenient time and pace and it will help to keep costs down. In addition we have developed new online introduction materials and we invite you to please have a look at them. Watch the Introductory video


05 Jan 2018

eProd and the Coffee Paradox?

Each day nearly 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed. It is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world and millions of people depend directly or indirectly on the production and sale of coffee for their livelihoods. The global market for coffee is characterized by volatile prices and experts on the world coffee market often make reference to the “coffee paradox“. In summary:

  1. A coffee crisis in producing countries with a trend towards lower prices, declining incomes and profits affecting millions of people in the world’s poorest countries.
  2. A coffee ‘boom’ in consuming countries with rising sales and profits for coffee retailers and roasters
  3. A widening gap between producer and consumer prices only partly offset by the influence of producer certification in the coffee industry.

Besides premium prices for certified coffee  (e.g Fair Trade, Organic, UTZ), there is another important way for farmers to increase their prices. “Coffee trade is all about predicting yields. The party that is best at this, whether it is the coffee trader, farmer cooperative or hedge fund, will make the best deals. Models have become better at yield forecasting but the information is typically too general for use at farmer cooperative level. An essential step will be to develop accurate and affordable localized crop monitoring and yield forecasting at the coffee farmer cooperative or local coffee trader level. If used in a smart way this can assist to build trust between producers and buyers”, says Lutz Bayerkoehler, former MD ECOM Tanzania.READ MORE

14 Nov 2017

Weather information and small scale farming

What if weather information can assist you to predict: When and what to plant? When and how much to irrigate? What pests to scout and treat for? When, what and how much to fertilize?  When the harvest will be? How much yield is expected? When an insurance payout triggers? When and what to spray? eProd Solutions and aWhere partner to lift agriculture for small holder farmers to the next level. “We collect more than 7 billion data points across the planet to create unprecedented visibility and insight for the agricultural earth”, says John Corbett,  Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of aWhere. “In partnership with eProd Solutions we aim at making these technologies that have proven to create value for large scale farming available for small scale farmers. Location, planting date, soil type and crop variety information is captured by the eProd mobile app and fed into the aWhere platform. The platform generates localized forecasts for weather, and information for pest & disease control, field actions and crop stress. eProd now shares the information through SMS to farmers and field staff, and it is used to create automated management reports”.

eProd users are invited to participate in pilots. Please contact us for more information via info@eprod-solutions.com