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eProd was developed initially by a Kenyan chilli consolidator who was frustrated with the lack of software applications that could deal with the complexity of managing thousands of smallholder farmers and the high demands of the export market. Initially developed for their own use, they quickly received requests to expand its functionality to meet the needs of other value chains.

In 2014, eProd began expanding successfully to address the needs of various sectors and business models. Since March 2015 it has been commercially available and has grown to address 18 different value chains in five different countries across East Africa.

Since then it has been continuously improved to become one of the most advanced supplier management systems existing. With software developers in the UK, the Netherlands and Kenya, eProd continues to expand functionality to meet the ever-changing needs of a growing and demanding market.


Whom We Serve

Most of our clients came to eProd because of the level of complexity in their businesses, including the following characteristics:

  • Source from very large numbers of small-scale suppliers
  • Need to automate operations
  • Desire to scale up operations sustainably
  • Provide financial services (either directly or indirectly) required by their suppliers
  • Operate in high-end markets
  • Need to manage both suppliers and value-addition steps throughout the value chain
  • Desire to improve communication with farmers/suppliers (SMS, email, reports)
  • Need to implement training programs
  • Account to strategic or donor-funded partners

Feedback that we receive from our clients:

  • Excellent product
  • Specialized, tested and demand driven developed software at a reasonable price. 
  • Application works both on- and offline
  • Experienced, service oriented and tech-savvy team.
  • Excellent customer care and delivery!

Our Partners

Who We  Partner With and Are Member Of

To ensure our impact reaches as many agricultural SMEs/ Companies, we build strong relationship with our strategic partners. Some of the examples are:

  • CRS: Pilot testing eProd in Guatemala with CRS, potential to be scaled to 30 food processors in Central America.
  • SNV: Introducing eProd with agricultural food processors and traders in East Africa.
  • IDH Farmfit: Introducing eProd to partners in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • DAI: Project partner in Afghanistan
  • IFC: XXX? Project with Frigoken?

Financial Services

Financial institutions have been introduced to e-prod and use the system for screening of loan applicants, i.e. bulk credit rating/screening. Queries built on data from multiple modules can be used to select credit worthy supplier. In kind (input packages) can be managed through voucher systems.

The contract management module and others offer a unique opportunity to manage tri-partite agreements (financier, aggregator and buyer) to manage loans at low Transaction Costs.eProd can be the foundation platform for early payment through warehouse receipting system (WRS), invoice discounting, etc.

eProd can also be integrated with various platforms of the financial sector through API.

API Integration


What is an API?
API stands for application programming interface. API is a precise specification written by providers of a service that programmers must follow when using that service. It describes what functionality is available, how it must be used and what formats it will accept as input or return as output.

eProd is ready for The API Economy:

eProd is ready by all means for The API Economy with endless opportunities for API integration with other software platforms

Hardware and software upon demand:

  • Hardware integration: quality testing equipment for example through a lactoscan for milk quality based payment, or moisture meter (Aw, ceramic ring dryer, etc)), digital weighing equipment, etc.
  • Software integration: Integration with financial software (Sage, etc.) and weather data.


The eProd support team has unique, hands-on experience and understands the daily struggles that its clients face.

Initial assessment:

  • Initial screening – we walk you through a simple questionnaire to ensure that eProd is the right solution for you.
  • Process flow analysis – we work with you to develop a process flow analysis during an on-site visit to your company.
  • Hardware assessment – many clients have a very basic or non-existing ICT infrastructure and require coaching to set up a minimum required configuration.

Training and on-going support:

  • Initial training – you and your staff will be thoroughly trained on the use of the software.
  • On-going support – eProd provides free remote support combined with database health checks.