eProd | Management Solutions for Agribusinesses

img-20160718-wa0001The eProd support team has unique hands on experience and understands the daily struggles that its clients face. The following support steps apply:

From an initial screening through a simple questionnaire a full process flow analysis on-site is applied.

A hardware assessment is part of the selection process as many – if not most – clients have a very basic or non-existing ICT infrastructure and require coaching to set up a minimum required configuration.

eProd is highly flexible and suitable for most clients without any adjustments to the system and it will take at this stage only half a day on-site to configure eProd. During the free two month trial period the software is already configured fully for the specific circumstances of the client and after the trial period the client can continue working on it without any disruption. eProd can be configured in three environmental scenarios which are dependent on a company’s operational capacity and the number of users in the organization that will use the system. The configuration scenarios include: Standalone Environment, Local Area Network (LAN) Environment and Cloud Based Environment.

The client’s staff will be trained on the use of the software.

The eProd team offers free remote support through Teamviewer sessions, or in case of poor internet, telephone calls combined with database health checks.

The data belongs to the client and remains in their custody. We value data integrity.