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For which companies is eProd an important and relevant system?

  • Agricultural commodity traders
  • Food processing companies
  • Farmer Cooperatives and Unions
  • Fresh product exporter
  • NGOs
  • Consulting Firms
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    A large number of our clients consists of grain traders, traditional aggregators of agricultural commoditites. They often provide inputs like seed to farmers and need to recover these from future deliveries. They often work with and/or through cooperatives, field agents and brokers. To ensure that their supply chain is sustainable, they want to be in control of payments (often mobile money), quality and ensure a traceable product.


    A large number of our clients consists of traders, traditional aggregators of agricultural commodities. They often provide inputs like seed to farmers and need to recover these from future deliveries. They often work with and/or through cooperatives, field agents and brokers. To ensure that their supply chain is sustainable, they want to be in control of payments, quality and ensure a traceable product.


    This high value crops are often grown with large number of farmers in a cooperative environment. Inputs like fertilizers are provided to the farmers and need to be accounted for. Due to the highly competitive environment, our clients opt to provide addition support to the farmers like production advice, input provision, training and certification. At the moment of purchase, prices are subject to change due to the volatile market situation. If it is not coordinate via cooperatives, brokers are in charge of the purchase process which then lacks traceability and transparency and proof of fair and correct payments The export market requires exactly this. eProd helps these organizations to implement the required standards.

    Seed Producers:

    Seed Producers use eProd to be able to measure the impact and output of the seeds that there are selling. There often is a disconnect between seed producers and the actual user, as different stock keepers might be in between. Important data is not available. By providing stockists with a mobile app, they can register the farmer, the seed traceability code, provide additional service like weather and production advise and get a better understanding of the final production of their seed.


    Many eProd users are buying horticultural produce grown with small holder farmers. The market demands full traceability starting with the seed to the final product. Food safety is a big concern to consumers and the use of inputs like safe chemicals needs to be monitored closely. Yield forecasting is crucial for the cashflow management and planning of these companies, especially when it comes to the production planning for peak seasons. Provision of inputs, repayment of the same, purchase of produce and payment of these including feedback on quality parameters are only some of the features that our clients in the horticulture sector are using.


    Our clients comprise dairy processors and cooperatives. eProd is used to profile farmers, do herd management, provide feed and fodder on a loan basis as well as purchase of milk with set collection routes. Monthly payments are often uploaded into online banking systems and farmers linked to financial institutions for loans. Our integration with different milk testing system allows detection of adulteration, amongst others and reporting on the same.


    eProd has spice producer in different clients, whether it is saffron, typical Zanzibar spices like pepper, cloves, chilies, cardamom, just to mention some. Small holder farmers are profiled, crops planted for each farmer registered, trainings and certification standards uploaded, traceable purchases and payments realized.


    Our clients exporting mainly cashew, macadamia, coconut and almonds monitor their farmers from the start on. Farmers receive seedlings from the companies as well as provide field follow ups for GlobalGAP certification, amongst others. Inspection templates and training are supporting this process. Traceability while buying from farmers, payment solutions, support via SMS are additional features that these clients use.


    Our clients are using eProd to map the thousands of beehives organized under farmers in groups, adding a traceability code to each of them. Once it comes to purchasing, the traceability and quality-based payment features allow the companies to correct prices according to the quality to reduce produce adulteration. In some cases, training and certification processes are managed through eProd. The mobile money payment is the preferred payment method.

    Oil and tree crops:

    This is rather a niche market. Our clients often introduce tree seedlings to the farmers and give agricultural advice over a period of time to stay in touch with the farmers and ensure that the seedlings are transplanted and well taken care off. eProd assists our clients to map the trees, manage follow ups and projections, helps them to purchase traceable produce which allows quality assessment and payment based on quality.


    Fishpond farming is on the rise and more and more companies are appearing on the scene. Our clients do produce both feed and purchase the fish for onward production. They use eProd for the mapping of the different fishponds, the distribution of feed and fingerlings, the rating of the pond performances and, ultimately, the buying of the fish based on weight. Inputs are deducted from deliveries and payments transferred to farmers.