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14 Oct 2020

BMGF Annual Conference announcement

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The 2020 Grand Challenges Annual Meeting (19th – 21st October) is an annual event organized by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As part of this event the Ideas Marketplace offers researchers, companies, and project teams a platform to present their work to specialists and leaders in both the digital farming and crop analytics ecosystems.

eProd Solutions is proud to have been invited to showcase how its Supply Chain Management platform for the agricultural sector is pushing the boundaries of innovative digital small holder production systems. The eProd presentation will join three others in a sub-track entitled “Finance and Insurance Services” , moderated by Stewart Collis, Senior Program Officer, Digital Solutions, Agricultural Development at the foundation.

The Marketplace will occur during the second session of the 2020 Annual Meeting on Tuesday 20th October between 14:00 and 20:00 EAT . For more information please visit the Grand Challenges website or contact info@eprod-solutions.com.

22 Sep 2020

Building for the Long-term: what is an Inclusive Business

Equator Kenya, a food-processing company that produces African Bird’s Eye Chilies for export, has joined in 2015 the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with a commitment to provide climate-smart technologies, training and market linkages to 8,000 smallholder farmers along the Kenyan coast. This inclusive business is designed to reduce the crop risks posed by climate change, which will sustainably increase incomes among the farmers (+6,000 of whom are women) as well as improve crop yields and quality.

Side by side with multinationals such as IKEA, in Equator Kenya was among the first batch or private sector members of BCtA to join.  “Equator Kenya’s business model is guided by a social inclusion strategy where no farmer – however small – is excluded,” said Almut van Casteren, the company’s CEO. “By creating linkages throughout the value chain, we will ensure that our profits – and the benefits to poor communities in Kenya’s coastal region – continue to grow. We are honoured to be recognised by the Business Call to Action and look forward to leveraging their expertise and that of our fellow members to further our work.” READ MORE

22 Sep 2020

GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness Program for African AgriTech and FoodTech Startups

‘Scaling Digital Agriculture Innovations through Startups’ (SAIS) is a project implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). In an effort to support African AgriTech and FoodTech startups, BMZ, through the GIZ-SAIS program, has launched the Investment Readiness Program (IRP) to help rapidly scale and improve promising initiatives, while impacting farmers positively on the ground. eProd Solutions has participated as one of the eight promising African ICT start-ups and participated in the program. “The selected startups will be able to scale their innovations in new markets and help their users to improve their incomes.” states Michel Bernhardt, Head of the SAIS project.

14 Sep 2020

Impulse Program

Welcome to the Impulse Accelerator Virtual Demo Day!

IMPULSE: A unique acceleration program developed by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and supported by OCP Group and its subsidiary OCP Africa.

IMPULSE is a 12-week acceleration program dedicated to innovative startups in the fields of Agritech, BioTech, Mining Tech and Materials Science & Nano Engineering. IMPULSE will help entrepreneurs take their startups to the next level and bridge connections with OCP Group, UM6P, MassChallenge and their ecosystems. Sixteen highly innovative ICT start-ups participated and eProd is one of the Gold Award winners! READ MORE

03 Sep 2020

CASA’s Investor Summit at AGRF’s Deal Room


The Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA) Programme supports the commercial and development case for investing in agribusinesses that source produce from smallholders in the global South. The summit is designed to provide communities of investors opportunities to reflect on issues affecting the viability and growth of agri- businesses. This year’s inaugural summit focuses on three research reports commissioned by the CASA programme. In addition to the researchers, the three sessions will also feature agribusinesses on the virtual panels reflecting on lessons learnt by them and their peers. The platform for the Summit supports the AGRF Deal Room and will facilitate active networking amongst participants. READ MORE

01 Sep 2020

Webinar: Challenges and solutions sourcing from small-scale farmers

Click here to watch the Webinar Presention video.

Are you or the businesses you support in agribusiness and facing challenges to source from the numerous small-scale farmers in your field? You are not alone! The supply chain management challenge is common for many agribusinesses in Africa, and even in the world.

USAID’s Kenya Investment Mechanism has partnered with eProd to host a one-hour webinar that you might be interested in! E-Prod has developed an affordable ICT platform, or ERP, to manage agricultural supply chains.  You will get a chance to understand the innovative solutions offered by eProd, ranging from farmer registration, to production contracts, field inspections, collections, training, communication, payments, traceability, weather information, among others.  Currently 75 clients use eProd to source from about 250,000 small scale farmers in 10 African countries.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday September 10th, 2020 from 2.00pm – 3.00 pm. (Note: this event was rescheduled and initially planned on 3rd September 2020)

11 Aug 2020

Webinar Announcement – Digital solutions for Supply Chain Management

Digital solutions for Supply Chain Management in the agricultural sector are more important than ever, especially now COVID-19 is making it even more difficult to source from small scale farmers. In collaboration with eProd Solutions the Africa Agribusiness Academy organizes a webinar to demonstrate practically various features of the eProd ERP platform. During a two hour webinar some of the topics covered will be: farmer and field registration (including capturing field GPS locations), field inspections, loan management (including credit scoring and automated repayment via product deliveries), produce collection, quality-based payment and produce traceability, reporting and M&E activities, communication with the farmers including automated weather forecast and production advise.

When: 12th August 2020, from 15:00 to 17:00 EAT

How to register: Grace Mhina via grace.mhina@aa-academy.org or call +255 768 266 382, www.aa-academy.org

About AAC: The Africa Agribusiness Academy stimulates and supports entrepreneurship toward increased food security in Africa. READ MORE

23 Jul 2020

How can ICT solutions contribute to solve the problems of social disruption during a pandemic crisis?

Can ICT solutions for agriculture help to avoid social and economic problems during a pandemic crisis?

There is no end in sight of the global COVID-19 pandemic yet, but the virus is already creating its impact on local and global food supply chains. The current crisis will likely cause food shortages and high prices for consumers. Incomes of farmers and all those working in the food and agriculture sector are also at risk. “We have to rethink our whole food supply ecosystem! The world after Corona will be different! How can ICT solutions contribute to avoid the problems of social disruption during a pandemic crisis? ICT can enhance and secure supply chains for the production of agricultural produce for local and international businesses and play a critical role to mitigate – and shorten – the effects of a pandemic!”, according to Berlin based Dr. Robert Daubner, digitalization and innovation specialist.READ MORE

23 Jul 2020



1. Markets and farm prices. As we see growing levels of concern, recommendations for social distancing, reduced travel, avoiding crowds, closures, and other protective practices to slow the spread of COVID-19, consumers will be making tough choices about food, eating away from home, and overall spending. Dairy is prominently featured in out-of-home eating, and there may be some disruptions in food service sales. This will likely have an impact on markets and prices. There have also been bottlenecks at ports in other countries as ships wait to be offloaded with U.S. dairy and other farm products. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has shut down floor trading of all products until “further notice,” though electronic trading will continue.

22 Jul 2020

Supporting Farmers With Low-Cost Digital Tools During Covid-19

“The eProd team identified several key constraints that basically cripple field activities for the buyers from small scale producers in Africa”, according to Miss Erna Goudt, Client Relationship Manager at eProd Solutions, and speaker at the ICT4D webinar series.  Due to the current crisis it has indeed become exceedingly difficult to conduct basic field operations, such as to register farmers and their fields. eProd can assist to collect farmer group, farmer and field profiles, field inspections, manage produce collections via local field staff and lead farmers. Secondly, gathering reliable data to monitor the field production via field inspections and survey data from farmers, has become very difficult and companies are in the dark regarding crop status and projecting yields. Thirdly, communicating with farmers has stopped or at least significantly reduced while the current situation requires continuation of extension services, sharing market price information, and updates on COVID-19 awareness. Fourth, following up on the buyers’ field staff’s activities is even more difficult than ever before. How to verify movements, accomplishments, etc? Finally, and probably the most criplling factor, there is lack of cash liquidity in the field for farmers to invest in field activities, farming inputs, etc. On one hand many buyers are not able to pay farners remotely via mobile money transfer or bank acocunt, and farmers can’t link up with financial institutions or can’t be checked for credit worthiness. How would buyers share credit risk information with financial institutions, automated loan repayment, tri-partite agreements, manage their input inventories without appropriate and affordable tools. Please participate in the upcoming webinar, part of the virtual edition of the ICT4D Conference and ongoing ICT4D webinar series, you will hear about low cost digital and mobile technologies to support farmers under these unprecedented circumstances.