Africa-Korea AgTech Innovation Summit & Challenge

The World Bank with support from the Korea World Bank Partnership Facility (KWPF) and the Korean Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF), launched the Africa-Korea Agtech Innovation Challenge with the goal of identifying disruptive agricultural technologies (DATs) for startups interested in working in Kenya and Uganda.

The World Bank hopes to build bridges between innovators from different geographies and bring together policymakers and other ecosystem players working in the agri-ecosystem through the Africa-Korea AgTech Innovation Challenge and Summit, with the goal of making the sector more productive, climate smart, and sustainable. The summit will also bring together the finalists of the Africa-Korea Agtech Innovation Challenge, who will present their solutions to the Grand Jury.

The three thematic areas of the summit are:

  1. Improving agricultural productivity and efficiency
  2. Improving market access and providing downstream and upstream linkages
  3. Financial inclusion of farmers

eProd Solutions was selected as one of the Top 21 Disruptive Agriculture Technologies (DATs) finalists in the Africa-Korea AgTech Innovation Challenge which will take place in Radisson Blu, Nairobi, Kenya on February 8th and 9th, 2023.

Our CRO, Almut van Casteren, will have the opportunity to pitch to the Grand Jury on how eProd works on improving market access and providing downstream and upstream linkages.

More information on the Africa-Korea AgTech Innovation Summit may be found at: