Improving Farmer Livelihoods: JJ Agro Growers Limited and their digitalization journey with eProd, powered by Rabo Foundation

Agriculture plays an important role in sustaining millions of livelihoods across Africa, particularly for smallholder farmers who depend on it for income, food security, and overall well-being. However, challenges such as climate variability, market fluctuations, and limited access to resources often impact farmers’ lives.

JJ Agro Growers Limited, a family-owned agricultural company based in Tanzania, is making significant strides in the agricultural industry. Since its establishment in 2018, JJ Agro Growers has been dedicated to supplying high-quality East African products to the global market while uplifting local farmers by improving their livelihoods. Specializing in a diverse range of value chains—from coffee to cashews, avocados, vanilla, spices, and chili peppers—the company supports farmers throughout the entire agricultural process, from farm preparations and maintenance to harvesting and post-harvest handling, with the help of their on-site agronomists.

JJ Agro Growers’ mission is not only to provide top-quality products but also to promote sustainable farming practices and empower local farming communities. The company collaborates closely with small-scale farmers, offering comprehensive support that includes certification, capacity building, and market access facilitation. In 2023, JJ Agro Growers helped certify 580 farmers’ farms with Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP), reinforcing their commitment to quality and sustainability.

To further enhance their operations, JJ Agro Growers partnered with eProd through the Digitalization Challenge managed by eProd with co-funding from Rabo Foundation. This collaboration has optimized their supply chain management processes, ensuring transparency, accountability, and traceability from farm to market.

The company has substantial fertile land suitable for contract farming and networks of local farmers as well as foreign organizations and associations, coordinating out-growers who produce a wide range of crops for export. eProd provides a comprehensive platform that enhances transparency and accountability in their contract farming processes “Through features such as farmer ID cards and real-time communication tools, eProd has enabled us to maintain constant connectivity with our farmers, empowering them with access to valuable resources and support.” Joanes Muchunguzi, Business Development Officer at JJ Agro Growers Limited explained. The software has improved information and communication flow, providing a clear outline of the supply chain and enabling seamless connectivity with farmers. With features like Africa’s Talking integration, eProd has facilitated efficient communication and data exchange, ultimately improving the company’s operational efficiency and productivity.

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Another aspect that sets JJ Agro Growers apart is their commitment to providing high-quality food in a sustainable manner, preserving the environment through good agricultural practices and organic methods. This includes conducting thorough assessments of their farming practices, ensuring sustainable land management, and promoting the use of environmentally friendly farming techniques. JJ Agro Growers’ adoption of eProd has been instrumental in meeting consumer demands for ethically sourced products through enhanced traceability.

“With eProd, we can effectively trace the journey of our products from farm to fork, ensuring compliance with ethical sourcing standards and enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions,” Mr. Muchunguzi highlighted. The software also facilitates data-driven decision-making, allowing the identification of areas for improvement and the implementation of sustainable practices that mitigate environmental impact while meeting consumer expectations for ethically sourced products.

Looking to the future, JJ Agro Growers envisions the integration of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology to further enhance transparency, production efficiency, data collection, and ensure compliance in procurement processes within the agriculture industry.

By partnering with eProd, JJ Agro Growers has not only improved their business operations but also made a significant impact on the farming community and the environment. This collaboration sets a benchmark for how technology can drive sustainable and ethical practices in agriculture.

About JJ Agro Growers

At JJ Agro Growers, our core values centre on sustainability, quality, and community empowerment. Our commitment to these values drives every aspect of our operations, from the meticulous care we take in cultivating our crops to the innovative solutions we implement for efficient supply chain management. Our brand, Enjoy, embodies these principles by offering high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients that bring joy and flavour to culinary experiences worldwide.

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  1. Appreciating for the achievement made by a Tanzanian owned Company JJ Agro Growers Ltd. These remarkable milestones need to be recommended. Adding value to farmers produce is key and keeps them on farm as they get assured of markets and increased income. Keep on pushing the agenda JJ!