New Developments: Sourcing from smallholders now more efficient.

In this April’s issue, learn about the latest eProd’s developments, and how this will make your sourcing from smallholders more efficient.

From our daily interactions with agribusinesses like yours, we understand the challenges you face managing farmers, and we are constantly responding to address your needs.

What latest developments are addressing these challenges?


New development: Most agribusinesses acknowledge that managing farmer field activities is challenging, especially capturing, recording, and analyzing field data. With this in mind, eProd’s development team has come up with an easy tool for field officers to capture field activities and carry out field follow-up through the eProd mobile app. From planting to harvest, eProd now makes it easy to collect data in the field and manage each stage of production. What’s more, this new field component will assist agribusinesses in decision-making and projecting future production.

New development

Nearly all grain traders work through agents. With the large volumes traded during the peak seasons, managing procurement from the farmers calls for a helping hand. eProd is currently piloting a “Stock” and “Aggregator” module, specifically used to help agribusiness during these hectic times. This new feature will enable agents to capture the deliveries in the field and relay the same information to the office. With a click of a button, an agribusiness manager will be able to check the volumes aggregated in real-time. This module also goes a step further to help the agents record input advances to farmers, and the agribusiness manager monitors the stock both in the office and in the field.

Moreover, we are working closely with strategic partners in the coffee sector in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Through collaboration with Solidaridad and Catholic Relief Services, and other commercial partners, we aim to reach hundreds of coffee cooperatives, with the joint objective of building farmer management capacity and making their processes more efficient.