New technologies in the oldest trade: Frankincense and Myrrh

For over 5,000 years frankincense has been sourced from the Horn of Africa and traded through the Arabian Peninsula all over the world. The premium markets, such as the European Union is becoming more and more demanding. At the same time, global traders would like to assure the sustainable supply of gums and resins from the sensitive ecosystems of Boswelia and Commiphora and other less-known but precious species of gums and resins. Appropriate management information systems and the introduction of sustainable certification, such as FairWild, are becoming essential to reach the premium markets and fetch the highest prices.

The FairWild Certification system for the sustainable management and collection of wild plants. This allows consumers to know that they are supporting ethical fair trading standards and trading benefits to be felt by the local communities harvesting the plants. Many consumers are willing to pay a premium price for certified products.

In order to reach the premium quality markets and fetch the highest prices, ICT management solutions like eProd have become unavoidable in the gums and resins sector. In August, eProd participated in a gums and resins stakeholders meeting organized in Hargeisa by the GEEL (Growth Enterprise, Employment, and Livelihood) program funded by USAID. The company was given an opportunity to contribute by introducing eProd as an appropriate tool to manage affordable operations such as certification, advances to harvesters, traceability, production, quality-based payment, training, communication, etc.

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