Weather information and small scale farming

What if weather information can assist you to predict: When and what to plant? When and how much to irrigate? What pests to scout and treat for? When, what, and how much to fertilize?  When the harvest will be? How much yield is expected? When does an insurance payout trigger? When and what to spray? eProd Solutions and aWhere partner to lift agriculture for smallholder farmers to the next level.

“We collect more than 7 billion data points across the planet to create unprecedented visibility and insight for the agricultural earth”, says John Corbett,  Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of aWhere. “In partnership with eProd Solutions, we aim at making these technologies that have proven to create value for large-scale farming available for small-scale farmers. Location, planting date, soil type, and crop variety information is captured by the eProd mobile app and fed into the aWhere platform.

The platform generates localized forecasts for weather, and information for pest & disease control, field actions, and crop stress. eProd now shares the information through SMS to farmers and field staff, and it is used to create automated management reports”.

eProd users are invited to participate in pilots. Please contact us for more information via