New release of the mobile eProd application

New release eProd app

New release – We are proud to announce the release of a new release of the eProd mobile application in October. Besides being able to view farmer profiles, take GPS coordinates and manage collection including traceability,  you can now also manage field activities on the mobile application.  As an eProd user, you can download the application yourself for free, but please contact us in case you require any assistance.

A peek into the new features:

  • Field Size Measurement: By simply walking around a plot in the field, the app will calculate the surface of a plot and link it to the production module section. Now you can link production to accurate productivity!
  • Seed traceability: The traceability features of eProd have now been extended and your field officer can keep track of a batch of seed from the time it was planted at the nursery up to the time of harvest delivery, ensuring full traceability of the crop throughout. Instead of agricultural production, this feature offers new opportunities for other sectors as well e.g. livestock, dairy, aquaculture, and gums & resins. Please note that identification through integration with NFC and RFID is possible.
  • Monitoring of field activities: Keeping track of farmers’ field activities can be challenging. Enabling your field officer to have all field activities on his mobile phone during field visits enables efficiency in the field. The application will indicate the GPS locations as proof of the actual visits by your field officers.
  • Questionnaires: The mobile app will assist the field officer to conduct and manage questionnaires, e.g. for quality management certifications that demand a lot of information gathering. The questionnaires are geo-referenced and can be linked to various levels of operations. For example in agriculture: individual plots, farmers, farmer groups, cooperatives, but also company staff. All information is safe and conveniently integrated with the other modules of eProd. Besides certification, the tool is very useful for (donor-funded) project M&E, socio-economic research, field trials, etc.

That’s it for this update. We have a number of developments in the pipeline and look forward to informing you about the next new features.  If you have any questions please drop us a line at