Quality assessment and quality assurance: new technologies result in new opportunities

Are you able to assess the quality of products that you buy from farmers? Can you objectively and quickly measure the product moisture content of Irish potatoes? Adulterations in milk – did your supplier add water to the milk? What about melanin? Is the mango “Ready to eat”? Does the avocado have a sufficient oil content? How to measure these and many other variables quickly and cost-effectively in the field at the moment you have to decide to buy or reject produce at the farm or collection centers? Are you able to log transport and storage conditions?

eProd clients have now something to look forward to. With Wageningen University and Research Center, in the lead, the application of Spectroscopy and affordable smart chips will be tested. For example, dairy companies can benefit from the new technology by using a portable, high-tech sensor (much more developed than an ultrasound lactometer) to test in a matter of seconds the milk using Spectography technology and monitor the conditions of milk during transport and storage.

eProd mobile app will facilitate capturing the quality details in the field and also at the cooling plant, and the information will trigger payment incentives for individual deliveries and transporters. The ultimate quality-based payment system is created. This will significantly reduce post-harvest losses and incentivize farmers to deliver high-value products.