Where there is no internet…

Communication plays a key role in agriculture. Your operations with small-scale producers require resilient and flexible technology that is capable of supporting your staff located across geographically-dispersed production areas. The Internet has become essential for communication, but what if the internet is too slow or absent?  Digital two-way radio can offer a solution for data transmission for voice, SMS, email, GPS location tracking, etc. “Even if different devices are being used on different operating platforms, the solution doesn’t have to be complex or cumbersome for end users,”, says Travis Heneveld, Director of United Nations and International Accounts at Motorola Solutions. Let’s consider some examples of how MOTOTRBO digital radio solutions could benefit operations in remote agricultural production areas.

Field staff can work online while conducting field inspections and surveys to certify farms, use e-extension to train farmers, and collect produce. Farmers can receive instant weather forecasts, production information, and collection confirmations by SMS. The location of each staff member and collection vehicle, cattle, etc. can be tracked using GPS”.

The company offers a freeware application called SmartPTT to transfer files through a MOTOTRBO™ digital radio channel. SmartPTT File Transfer is specially designed for effective data transmission, taking into account the limitations of the connection provided by MOTOTRBO.

File transfer over the radio: SmartPTT File Transfer

This application consists of two parts:  The Client Application transfers a selected file to the server PC.  The MOTOTRBO™radio must be connected to the client computer via USB. The Server Application accepts the file sent from the client. Note that the computer that hosts the server application also has to be connected to a MOTOTRBO™ radio and that both radios would have to be programmed to communicate with each other.

SmartPTT File Transfer Major Features:

  • Transfer speed 1150 Bit/s
  • Automatic transfer recovery
  • List of clients allowed to transfer to the server
  • Easy to install, lightweight application

SMS over the radio: TRBOnet Text Messenger application

This allows users to send and receive SIMPLE Short Text Messages via the MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio System and can be downloaded for free. It allows texts to be sent from eProd connected to MOTOTRBO™.

Or more advanced…

WAVE Work Group Communications is a platform and application suite that removes the technical barriers to secure, instant communication across any IP network. It supports media and data transfer across an IP network, providing users with a consistent experience, regardless of which device they’re using, their operating platform or their location. As such, WAVE provides a reliable and common source of information that has been tested under the toughest circumstances such as humanitarian aid in the aftermath of natural disasters.

By connecting the networks to WAVE’s Push-to-Talk (PTT) platform, all personnel in the agricultural value chain can communicate seamlessly between smartphones, radios, computers, or even landlines. With the right planning,  WAVE unifies complex communication environments to transform cooperation both within the organization and amongst external agencies.

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